The San Juan Island Sailing Foundation has been supporting local youth to learn the skills of sailing, for over 25 years now! As you know, mastering such skills can bring joy and a sense of accomplishment which will help our island kids to thrive. The San Juan Island Sailing Foundation (SJISF) is a registered non-profit and maintained entirely by a volunteer board, which includes a teen sailor, and community volunteer workers. We do offer a small stipend to our part-time seasonal team coach, who provides coaching at a greatly reduced cost, out of a passion to help our young sailors. The SJISF works diligently to keep this program thriving and helps set new courses for our island teens.

Every February, middle and high school students are offered a chance to join the sailing team. We ask each sailor to pay $200 for the season, even though the cost per sailor is closer to $1200. We know this cost would make sailing unattainable to most local families, so SJISF advocates for support from our community to help keep this program afloat. Scholarship monies are also raised, so we don't turn away students that have a strong desire to strengthen their sailing skills and be a part of the team.

If you've ever seen the FJ's, Lasers or Vanguards out on the water by Jackson's Beach sailing February through May, this is our Youth Sailing Team, as they prepare for their regional regattas. In addition, if you've seen the El Toros, Lasers and Bics on Percich Pond, operated through Island Rec each summer, these are the programs you are helping support!

The SJISF supports our Island Rec Sailing Program by offering up their boats, they set-up of the teaching area on Percich Pond and the sailing team members volunteer to assist in these efforts.
 SJISF has been intentional by building the next generation of sailors, through these engaging, fun and popular programs. Your support helps all island youth the chance to learn to sail. After all, we do live on an island!

It's all hands on deck, in an effort to keep our costs down, volunteers do boat repairs, build floating docks, and trailer boats in and out of storage. Parents of sailors often join in assisting the coach, as needed, too. We pull together to make things happen.

Funding comes from a variety of generous community supporters who make tax-deductible donations throughout the year. Additionally, we sell company name and family name space on the sides of our sailing boats. We also have an annual fundraising event, this year May 4th, which further supports our efforts. Our sailing team kids play an active roll at the fundraising dinner, helping to serve dinner direct to your table! If you can't make our event, this social media platform gives you a chance to be a part of our team! Your donation gives our local teens an activity they can participate in after school and attend regattas on the weekend. It challenges them, building confidence and determination. All skills that will carry over into adulthood.

Over the years, donors have provided sailboats, inflatable safety/chase boats used during team sailor training and regattas, boat trailers, outboard motors and even larger sailing boats, all to support our youth sailing team. As you can imagine, the weather and racing takes its toll on the equipment in the harsh conditions of the Pacific Northwest. We do our best to keep gear and boats in the best possible condition. However, we do need to repair and replace items through the years. The San Juan Island Community Foundation has also provided us funding through the years, along with a number of truly kind souls who want to pass on the love of sailing to our younger generation. We are grateful for the support! Annually, our goal is $15,000.

WANT TO JOIN US! May 4th, 2017 is our Annual Dinner & Auction? Reserve your tickets by clicking this link!  email us here  We'll have a team member get back to you and get you your tickets! Thank you. Or call 360-378-9479.




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