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We are grateful for the work the San Juan Island Sailing Foundation does for the community and are hopeful that you will support our local middle & high school sailing team.

We have all benefited so much from being members of the sailing team.  Growing up in the Islands, we have all been given a great opportunity to spend time by the water, but nothing compares to the feeling of sailing in the Pacific Northwest. Sailing is an incredible sport because it incorporates not only physical skill but mental and communicative skills as well. Our team is made up of students from both the public and private schools on the island and has included students from other islands as well. Many of us would never have gotten to know each other had it not been for the sailing team. The friendships, experiences, and lessons that we have learned have been some of the most rewarding of middle and high school.

Completely independent of the San Juan Island School District, the middle & high school sailing team is supported by the San Juan Island Sailing Foundation. The foundation provides, stores, and maintains all boats and dollies, provides basic gear for the sailing team, as well as a floating dock and safety boats. The foundation also hires, pays, and coordinates with the coach on a seasonal and part time basis.

The SJI Sailing Foundation is a very involved sponsor of the middle and high school sailing team and has encouraged the involvement of team members. The board reserves a position for team members to act as representatives and members of the board, who serve as liaisons between the team and the board. They have always been open and responsive to input from the team.

The Sailing Foundation also works to bring sailing to the rest of the community through its partnership with Island Rec's Summer sailing classes. These classes are a prerequisite of all team members but are also a great experience and introduction to sailing for other community members and even visitors to the Island. Some of our sailing team alumni and current members have even acted as assistant sailing instructors, passing on what they have learned from their time on the team. In the Summer the SJI Sailing Foundation also offers Tuesday night races, open to all community members for a drop in fee.

We, as a team, can happily say from experience that learning to sail is rewarding, not to mention a lot of fun. It is also a lifelong skill that teaches so much, about yourself, about your crew, and about the world around you. The opportunity to sail on San Juan Island is an incredible gift, one that the SJI Sailing Foundation is actively trying to make available to everyone who is willing to learn.

Thank you for considering helping the San Juan Island Sailing Foundation.

Melanie Cope (SJI Sailing Foundation team liaison board member 2014 - 2015)
and fellow team sailors


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